The Christmas Rush, 1 More Joinery Sleep!

Hardwood doors, Joiners Hertfordshire

It’s the most wonderful (busiest) time of the year!

Only 1 sleep left in our busiest week of the year!

Christmas has the same effect every year.  Usually when I start discussing work with prospective clients in October a phrase will become a regular fixture  in these conversations “Will we have it in time for Christmas?”.   At that point Christmas seems likes many weeks away, then usually around mid-November, it begins to dawn on me that realistically there are only 5 working weeks left till Christmas shut down.  I need to start thinking about the number of jobs we have left to make, the number of jobs that require hand painting and the number of days we will spend out on site installing all of the things we have made.

So what’s on the last joinery list for 2019?

There’s nothing like deadlines to quicken the pulse, obviously throughout the year we work to deadlines, but come Christmas everyone shares the same deadline (feeling sorry for that bloke in the Red Suit now!)

At the beginning of December, the 3 of us gathered together at the start of the day, the workshop lights on because its dark at 7 in the morning. Warming our hands on the mugs of coffee and the glow from the tip of Martyn’s roll up – this was it, the pep talk for the final push.

So, what do we need to make ?  Well, an alcove unit and 3 sets of bookshelves, 2 sets of wardrobes, a set of french doors and 2 oak front doors to make, paint and install and a partridge in a pear tree!.   Along side this we need to install 3 front doors, an oak stable door, an internal oak bi-folding door and a hallway shoe storage cupboard. Gulp!

We’re now at the other end of the month, and among the  installations completed is the above Iroko Front door and side panels in our own village of Whitwell (so we get to admire this door more frequently!) and below this town house door with arched fan light.


Wooden doors, Joiners Hertfordshire


For those who follow our Facebook page, you’ll have had an insight into the diary of work we have produced this year at Waterhall Joinery.  Along with the big trend this year for a wide variety of Front doors being manufactured,  we’ve had the opportunity to create some interesting bespoke items.

2019 Joinery, Waterhall Joinery Ltd



  • Bespoke Office Furniture
  • Solid Wooden Garage Doors
  • 5 Bar Pedestrian Oak Gate
  • Stable Door
  • Hardwood Soft Top Roof Closer Panel






Joiners Hertfordshire



  • Shoe Storage
  • Understairs Storage
  • Matching Glazed Doors
  • Dogs Den
  • Contemporary Front Door
  • Casement Windows (Lil Leadlight Co. UK)








Thank you to all our Clients who have given us the opportunity to work on their projects, and thank you to everyone for following us on Facebook – we’ll be back in the New Year with further stories to tell.

We will be closing on 20th December to enjoy 2 weeks of rest and relaxation.  From all at Waterhall Joinery Ltd, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we hope you get to enjoy a rest too and here’s to a prosperous New Year ahead!