Bespoke Cabin Bed

Cabin High Sleeper Bed

Bespoke Cabin Bed and Desk, Joiners Hertfordshire

Cabin High Sleeper with Storage & reading area

Working closely with one of our client’s on various projects throughout their home, her son’s bedroom was next on the list for a revamp with plans for a Cabin Bed and storage facilities.

We worked with the client to ascertain a brief.  He wanted a desk and a double bed, but to create room for a desk without losing valuable storage space.  They had an idea for bunk bed with storage beneath.  We bounced ideas and drawings back and forth to ensure we could create a design that would encompass all the necessities and practicalities, whilst also envisaging a design that would be made to make the boy’s room his perfect den.

If you think back to your childhood, your bedroom was your haven, an important part of growing up.  It’s where you can lose yourself in your own created world.  Memories of posters on walls, favourite games,  comics, books, wallpaper or designs that changed through the ages.  Now of course, a desk is essential for computers and X-boxes that have become the norm in children’s bedrooms.  We wanted to ensure we could consider these valuable points as equally as the practicalities  of our brief, to make the design a total success for all.

The Cabin Bed Design

Bespoke Cabin Bed with storage area, Joiners Hertfordshire

Double bed with storage shelving underneath

Bespoke Cabin Bed and wardrobe space, Joiners Hertfordshire

Double Cabin bed with wardrobe space below

Bespoke Cabin Bed with Sheving, Joiners Hertfordhshire

Cabin Bed with underneath shelving & sitting area

Children's Desk, Bedroom Furniture, Joiners Hertfordshire

Desk to match Cabin Bed








The double bed sleeps high above a wardrobe with internal drawers.  There’s also a separate larger shelf storage area for shoes or games etc.

Underneath the sleeping area we created a reading area, which has shelving on the inside face for books/DVDs and which would house a large bean bag to relax on.  There’s also a cork board in the reading area for pinning posters,  photos etc.

The bed head has a lidded box to allow easy storage for books and magazines so that they can be stashed away at the end of the night without having to climb out of bed.

Bespoke Cabin High sleeper, Joiners Hertfordshire

Cabin headboard with storage space and remote LED side lights.



Incorporated in the bed and the Den area, is dimmable LED lighting, which is controlled by remote.

The bed itself was made from Douglas Fir and stained in Mann’s Old Pine to help the furniture blend  in with the other pine furniture in the bedroom.

Client’s Feedback

Having completed the various components for the Cabin bed, we installed the furniture and eagerly awaited the feedback from the client and their son.

We were delighted to hear that they were thoroughly happy with the complete design.  He loved the headboard storage which became his favourite feature, and the remote lights were a great success…. but we missed a trick, as the parents cleverly suggested we had a created an invisible screen for Saturday mornings, which meant he could not get out of bed until 09:00 a.m.!  We’ve patented this for future Waterhall Joinery Ltd designs.

Cabin High Sleeper with Storage, Joiners Hertfordshire

Cabin High Sleeper with Storage and separate desk area




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