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Fitted bedroom furniture, Joiners Hertfordshire, Waterhall Joinery Ltd

Fitted bedroom furniture using alcove space

Mid-terrace homes usually require a creative thought on how best to increase your volume of space.  Combining the use of effective storage, natural colours to create and reflect light , materials to replicate the character of the home, all form part of the plan.  One room where optimising storage capacity is crucial is the bedroom.  Bedroom furniture and storage capacity is supremely important to the functionality of the room.

Having moved into a mid-terrace house with her daughter, our client wanted to increase the storage space in her bedroom.  The alcove units that had been installed were only a foot in depth, limiting the use and practicality of the units.


Fitted Units

Bespoke bedroom furniture, Joiners Hertfordshire, Waterhall Joinery Ltd

Fitted wardrobe maximising alcove space

Floating Dressing Table, Joiners Hertfordshire, Waterhall Joinery Ltd

Floating dressing table with shelves


We discussed a corner wardrobe, but whilst this would be useful, we decided this would encroach on the space around the bed.  We needed to maximise within the alcove area without reducing the feel of space.

By building out by only 6 inches into the room, we created enough storage capacity for the bedroom furniture  to have horizontal hanging rails, and plenty of drawer space, with a design that would look natural and unintrusive. The drawer design considered the protruding radiator for opening.  A modern rustic style was chosen to compliment the character and palette of the home.

Using curved panels at the end of the wardrobes softened their intrusion into the room, rather than a hard square edge.  The curve sweeps back to the chimney breast making them visually dynamic.  In the other corner of the room we created a simple floating corner dressing table, to retain the feel of open space whilst providing additional storage.

Our client was overjoyed to finally have her own bespoke wardrobes where she could finally hang her clothes with plenty of space.

If you are looking to optimise your storage space, contact us, we’d be very happy to discuss how we can help you achieve this.



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