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Glazed Internal Doors, Waterhall Joinery Ltd, Joiners Hertfordshire

Glazed internal door and panel

Waterhall Joinery were approached by lady from London who was looking for a bespoke joinery company to work on 2 projects for her home – glazed internal doors and decorative panelling to open rafters.  The client had a clear vision for both projects, and was looking for a company that could provide further input to help develop the designs to achieve the outcome she had visualised.

The first project was to re-instate doors between the lounge and the hall areas.  Our client was able to provide a clear brief for the glazed internal doors, which was very helpful at the design stage, as she had already created drawings and had some firm ideas.  We were able to advise her and add further ideas until the final design was agreed upon, and materials were chosen.

Instead of two doors, the design was for a single door with a panel, the door to be wider than the panel, and to be fully glazed.

The challenge was to play around with glass pane sizes to obtain a balance which would be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, without altering the ratio of the door sizes.

Room dividing door, Waterhall Joinery Ltd, Joiners Hertfordshire

Glazed panel and single door

We used Douglas fir to match the other woodwork in the house, such as the original doors.  We created samples of stained Douglas Fir to help our client decide on the colour, which our client was very keen to get right, as she throughout her home the balance of colours, designs and images played an important part.

The dark pine stain we used had very dark, almost black dyes which took readily to the soft grain in the pine.  This was reminiscent of Japanese furniture which our client loved, and was thoroughly delighted to have achieved this effect.

We also used very good quality furniture from Samuel Heath to match other door furniture around the house.

Panelling to Rafters

For the second project, there was a ceiling area in the lounge which had open rafters into the loft room above.  Our client wanted the rafters to be filled in with a painted underside, but to have a different finish on the side visible within the loft space.  We recommended creating the panels using natural wood veneers from Mundy Veneer for the loft space knowing that this would give the client the opportunity to pick a veneer design that would tie in with the other colours within her home.

Strong communication was key whilst working on these projects to ensure the clients vision would be achieved.  We were delighted on completing the installation to hear from our client that the doors made the room ‘sing’ and the colour was to perfection.  A very pleasing result all round.


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