Bespoke Joinery Hertfordshire – Parish Notice Board

Waterhall Joinery Ltd were approached by Ian Robinson and family members, to create a memorial to their parents Rex and Joan Robinson, who were long standing members of St Paul’s Walden Parish.

After a series of meetings, it was decided that a Parish Notice Board situated outside the Parish Office, would be a fitting tribute.  The brief was for the board to be made from natural timber, and to be able to display 3 pages.  Waterhall Joinery designed the board from this brief and decided the best material would be European Oak.

As the family no longer live locally, the process involved a lot of emails and phone calls, but in early spring the family gathered in Whitwell to view the Notice Board.

Bespoke Joinery Hertfordshire - Noticeboard

St Paul’s Walden Parish Notice Board made by Waterhall Joinery Ltd

The family, we’re pleased to say, were delighted (see testimonials) with the end result and Waterhall Joinery felt very privileged to be involved in such a personal project.

The notice board stands proudly on the High Street in Whitwell.  Waterhall Joinery Ltd have received many compliments from the community about the design and style of the board, and how lovely to see this as a memorial to Rex and Joan Robinson.


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