Wooden gates

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  Keep the dog in! Whilst carrying out repairs to rotten windows on a property, the client asked us to look at their existing wooden gates with a view to repair. The gates were in a very poor state, made of pine and had rotted badly in many areas.  The posts were also loose and deteriorating. …

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Bespoke Kitchen

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  Solid oak kitchen   Waterhall Joinery were recently re-acquantied with one of our original clients.  Mr and Mrs Roberts of Berkhamsted hired us 4 years ago to manufacture them a glazed oak front door, which needed to be in keeping with the period of their property. On this occasion they had decided on a…

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Stained glass front door

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  Front door project Waterhall Joinery were approached by a resident in Whitwell to discuss having a new stained glass front door made.    She wished to recapture the original look of her property which had been somewhat lost over  the years with the adaption of her original front door.  The original frame had lovely leaded stained…

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Fitted Wardrobes by Waterhall Joinery Ltd

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Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes in Original Attic Space At the start of year Emma was visiting Emily’s Tea Shop at Waterhall Farm Hertfordshire, when she saw our gallery of work displayed at the joinery.  She had recently moved into a converted building and was in desperate need of storage space for her clothes and shoes. The…

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Bespoke wooden door

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  Bespoke oak internal door using Pilkington Mayflower glass Our client owns a very old, historic cottage in Whitwell, and had decided he needed to make some modifications by changing the layout of the ground floor in his cottage.  This started with the complete removal of an old glass porch he had and the installation of…

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Window Shutters by Waterhall Joinery Ltd

View Window Shutters by Waterhall Joinery Ltd

Another interesting project that we have recently completed was 4 sets of solid oak internal window shutters. Warren and his family own an old farm cottage and have asked Waterhall Joinery to carry out work as and when needed over the last couple of years. Warren who owns and runs the highly recommended Honey Tree Surgeons…

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