Waterhall Joinery can help you create a beautiful bespoke kitchen of the highest quality.  We design and manufacture kitchens of all styles and designs, whether you are looking for a complete new kitchen, or one-off individual bespoke items.Kitchens

  • Traditional Kitchens
  • Modern Kitchens
  • Country Kitchen
  • Shaker Style Kitchens
  • Hand Painted Kitchen

From initial consultation, our highly experienced multi-skilled craftsmen, will help you develop your ideas and designs, and will create a bespoke kitchen tailor made for you, making the most of your kitchen space and creating a room that will be the centre of your home.

Technical drawings will be created and materials proposed, until a final design and specification is complete and accepted.

Or if you are considering updating your existing kitchen, without the need to change the design, we also create bespoke doors of your choice, keeping existing carcasses, to bring a new lease of life to your kitchen.

Oak Kitchen Island Unit, Waterhall Joinery Ltd, Joiners Hertfordshire

Solid Oak Kitchen Island Unit

  • Bespoke doors and carcasses
  • Natural oiled wooden door fronts (oak, maple, ash, iroko)
  • Veneered door fronts (contemporary or traditional veneers)
  • Stained and treated wooden door fronts
  • Professional spray painted door fronts in colour and finish of your choice
  • Door furniture of your choice or modern handle free design
  • Complete kitchen units of your choice /design
  • Kitchen Island Units
  • Compartments and accessories are incorporated into your designs

Using superior materials, and hand crafted by our highly experienced multi-skilled craftsmen, we take pride in creating a kitchen of your dreams.